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School Contacts

School Line 765-853-7003
Attendance Line 866-726-0377
Attendance Email
Tech Support Desk (TSD) 833-426-7457


Name Role Email Phone
Mrs. DeWitt Head of School 317-827-0279
Mrs. Brown Operations Manager 317-449-2076
Mrs. Williams K-6 Assistant Principal 234-274-1675
Mrs. Lewis 7-11 Assistant Principal 234-900-4892
Mrs. McFann Student Services Manager 317-449-3477
Mrs. Wolpert Special Education Manager 317-915-0614
Mrs. Needler Registrar 317-826-7192
Mrs. Deetz Dyslexia Specialist 317-978-1828
Mrs. Bauer Assessment and Intervention Coordinator 317-516-6676
Mr. Wolpert Speech Language Pathologist 317-520-9382


Student Success Team
Success Coach Grade Level/Alphabet Email Phone
Mrs. Merrett K-4 317-520-4353
Mrs. Rhoton 5-6 317-870-1496
Mr. Jackson Middle School Homeroom (7-8) 317-688-1311
Mrs. Brouse High School Homeroom (9-10) 765-598-4727

Staff Contacts

Elementary, K-5 Teachers
Teacher Grade Level Email Phone
Ms. Russell K 463-317-7838
Mrs. Ping K 812-206-4266
Mrs. MacLaverty 1st 317-567-9033
Mrs. Nichols 2nd 317-827-0338
Mrs. Miller 3rd 462-202-7016
Mrs. Ernstberger 4th 260-782-3142
Mrs. Dammier 5th 317-798-0989
Mrs. Spangle Special Education, grades K-4 317-708-4614
Mrs. Messick Special Education, grades 5-6 463-777-4499
Mrs. Clock School Counselor 317-593-5667


Middle School, 6-8 Teachers
Teacher Department Email Phone
Ms. Smith 6th Grade Math and Science 260-755-7510
Mrs. Hudson 6th Grade English and Social Studies 303-226-9035
Mrs. Wright Social Studies 317-978-0714
Mrs. Abrell Health/PE/Science 317-249-1331
Mr. Blatz Mathematics 234-274-1148
Mrs. Mickens Science 317-593-5628
Mrs. Anderson English 463-207-9956
Mrs. Russell Special Education 317-449-2086
Mrs. Clock School Counselor 317-593-5667


High School, 9-11 Teachers
Teacher Department Email Phone
Dr. Bragg English 260-766-6216
Mrs. Gunseett English    
Mr. Arnold Social Studies 330-572-0085
Ms. Wilde Social Studies 317-606-6163
Mrs. Abrell Health/PE 317-249-1331
Mrs. Gick Mathematics 317-798-0989
Mr. Farr Mathematics 317-748-0663
Mr. Swartz Mathematics 812-558-5106
Mrs. Thornburg Science 812-406-4404
Mrs. Klueh Business 260-585-6772
Ms. Fotinos Digital Art and Design 317-779-3876
Mrs. Basalo Spanish/ELL 330-572-0064
Mrs. Coffman Special Education 317-602-1311
Mrs. Transparenti Special Education 317-754-7324
Mrs. Hemphill Special Education 260-305-2649

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